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Interexcel World Connection General Complaints Handling Procedure

  1. This Procedure applies to all complaints other than Billing Disputes which are dealt with under the Billing Disputes Handling Procedure.
  2. The Customer is required to direct a general complaint to accounts@interexcel.co.za.
  3. The Complaint is required to be accompanied by the following;
    1. The Customer’s full particulars and contact details;
    2. The Customer’s relationship with Interexcel, together with any customer reference which may be applicable;
    3. A statement of the reasons for the Complaint with enough detail to allow Interexcel to assess these; and
    4. Any relevant evidence or documentation the Customer wishes to submit in support of the Complaint.
  4. Following the ICASA Code of Conduct Regulations, Interexcel will:
    1. Acknowledge receipt of the Complaint within three (3) Business Days; and
    2. Determine an outcome for the complaint and communicate this to the Customer within fourteen (14) Business Days.

Referral of Complaints to ICASA

  1. If the Customer is not happy about the outcome of the Complaint, the Customer has the right to escalate it to ICASA. If ICASA are not able to resolve the matter it may be referred to the ICASA Complaints and Compliance Committee for adjudication.
  2. Please note that under the ICASA Code of Conduct Regulations 2008, the Customer must give Interexcel an opportunity to resolve the matter within the 14-day period before the Customer may escalate the Complaint to ICASA.
  3. CASA can be contacted in the following ways:
    1. telephone: 011 566 3000;
    2. fax: 011 444 1919; and/or
    3. email: consumer@icasa.org.za.

Last updated: July 2012

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