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Save on your montlhy bills and go Voip

SMS text communication has been one of the greatest breakthroughs of mobile communication since it was developed way back in 1994. Mass SMS, or bulk SMS, allows you to reach virtually every mobile phone user to communicate your message. Unlike other mobile messaging services SMS texts require no internet connectivity and it is compatible with virtually every mobile telephone in existence.

Interexcel has a bulk SMS system that is flexible, powerful and provides you with a simple-to-use Internet based control panel. Our solution provides you with bulk address imports, a history of messages sent, merges, scheduling and much more. You have full control of all your SMS's, the way you wish to send it, the length of your SMS and when you want to send it. Call us today and let us help you get your message out to the masses.

SMS Pricing

Interexcel offers SMS at wholesale prices with a sliding scale for bulk purchases. 1 SMS Message will cost you 1 SMS credit. SMS Portal offers payments to be made via direct deposits or electronic transfers.

Package                                  Per sms Ex VAT             Per sms VAT incl.   
0 - 1000 R0.29 R0.34
1001 - 5000 R0.27 R0.31
5001 - 10 000 R0.25 R0.29
10 001 - 50 000 R0.23 R0.27
50 001 - 100 000 R0.21 R0.24
> 100 001 R0.20 R0.23

  • No set-up fees or subscription charges.
  • 1 Credit = 1 Message to any South African Network.
  • Credits are purchased in advance by Cheque or Bank Transfer.
  • Credits are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase (with option to extend).

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