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Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, is your answer for cheap, high quality calls. Interexcel can provide home and business users with the latest in VoIP technologies and equipment at a fraction of the cost of other telephony solutions. Our team of trained technicians can expertly install and setup your telephone system as well as offer fast and efficient support. With Interexcel’s business VoIP solutions, companies can reap the benefits of cheap calls and unique features without requiring a large capital outlay.


1 Yealink T21 Phone
* Installation
Trunking 1st Month


Small Business

5 Yealink T21 Phone
* Installation
Trunking 1st Month


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* Installation Costs

No Contract
6 Months
12 Months
24 Months

This following table lists a comparative pricing schedule with Telkom. Note that we have no concept of minimum call charges, and also bills purely per-second, except for premium (086) numbers, where we have to match Telkom one to one.

Comparative Call Cost table
TypeOur rateTelkom rateTelkom Min Charge
ex VATincl VATex VATincl VATex VATincl VAT
Localn/an/aR 0.36R 0.41R 0.57R 0.65
NationalR 0.42R 0.48R 0.57R 0.65R 0.57R 0.65
VodacomR 0.88R 1.00R 1.29R 1.47R 1.29R 1.47
MTNR 0.88R 1.00R 1.29R 1.47R 1.29R 1.47
Cell-CR 1.01R 1.15R 1.29R 1.47R 1.29R 1.47
8-ta (Telkom Mobile)R 1.07R 1.22R 1.29R 1.47R 1.29R 1.47


  1. Telkom charges cellular calls at 30 second increments, so if your call is 61 seconds in duration, you pay for 90.
  2. The concept of "local" calls doesn't apply to VoIP, instead we refer to on-net and off-net like the cellular providers.
  3. Note that the 086 range of numbers is priced exactly the same as Telkom.
  4. There are a range of number collectively known as the VANs range. This is priced specifically on a per-allocated range basis.
  5. We also offer a slightly higher quality, more robust option on cellular, unfortunately it is also priced higher at R 1.25 excluding VAT (still per second billing though).
  6. Our statistics shows that the average call duration is slightly over 70 seconds.

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